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Why Choose To Be Fully Human, and work through and with the Planetary System (a.k.a. Righteousness)? ?

  • Institutions of all types have trapped us in their webs of diabolical lies.
    IT IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT "RIGHTEOUSNESS" IS NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD IT IS. THERE IS MASSIVE AMOUNTS TO IT THAT NEEDS TO BE SEEN. This site is about what needs to be seen. This is the good news,... now here is the bad news of our current reality. In the centuries before this one, it was never easy to see how Institutions have altered everything within our societies. They have done this by altering how we think about things. They have done this by slowly but surely replacing real truth of how things actually are with ideologies -from a script they have been working through- to prop up their hidden agendas. The agendas are all about controlling everything, every resource, and everybody. This may sound extreme, but make no mistake,... it is the simple truth. Today, if you are already awake, it is kind of hard to miss that this has been going on. If you are not awake yet, then this will all come as a massive shock to your personal systems. There is a hell of a lot more to the quote of "Know ye the truth, and the truth will make you free." than you can understand at this moment - without fully seeing the truth. So,... it is time to begin to view "the one" truth of this planet!
  • The humans on this planet no longer understand who and what they are.
    You only have to look back in history several hundred years to the times of the planetary "Fuedal Systems" in order to see the reality of what we are about to look at now. It did not matter if you lived in the Eastern territories or the Western territories of this planet. Life was already set up a certain way for you to be born into. {{The set up is called a paradigm. It is how things have become arranged.}} Under these fuedal systems, the very second you were born, you were already considered the actual property of whoever the Ruler happened to be. King, Queen, Emporer, Monarch,... all these are simply titles backed up by powerful institutions. The institutions are part of what enforced the paradigm of fuedal systems. And unless you simply were not paying the slightest bit of attention to this period when you were in school, you simply could not have missed that in the West, "The Church" was one of the most powerful of these intitutions. They allegedly spoke for Almighty God on this planet. If you were raised in this paradigm,... of course you are going to believe this completely. It is a no brainer to fully understand this. Everything the Church institution taught you to think,... that is what you genuinely believed to be the truth. Over 500 years ago a new paradigm emerged that saw through this lying paradigm and wanted to break free from its all powerful grip. That was called the reformation period.


    Unfortunately, the one planetary truth (righteousness) had been so hijacked and so buried by that point in history, the reformation period simply carried on in so much of the thought shaping of society in the same ways it was going under the powerful Church intitutions. They kept so much of the same doctrines and beliefs, and just carried them into the future. The paradigm of fuedal systems was already so deeply embedded in the psyche of societies, that it only shifted things around a little bit, in terms of the people themselves, who were born into these paradigms. So now,... let's look at the point of me telling you this!


    I am telling you all of this because I want you to clearly see that our thinking over many centuries in ALL societies has been shaped by fake stuff that is actually nothing more than ideologies. There are truths sprinkled in, but no longer even a hint of the one planetary truth (righteousness). In fact, the term righteousness itself was simply hijacked and altered massively to mean "be good so you can go to Heaven forever and a day",... but what does this idea have to do with planetary system thinking (righteousness) in its real and full terms?


    Planetary System thinking gives you a real picture of how this planet really works and how it really is. Planetary System thinking is actually in opposition to "world system" thinking. World system thinking is all of the half truths and ideologies that have completely gotten all the populations of this current time, and plunged those populations into lying darkness of confusions. And because of those confusions,... the Fuedal System can simply carry on in its hidden agendas. I really hope this simple thing I am saying to you is making this clear enough for you to easily see!
  • The CHRIST FORCE is "THE LIGHT",... and The Light comes with lots of vibrational frequencies, energies, and physics. Seeing this clearly is truly understanding that God is empowerment.
    THIS PLANET IS COMPLETELY TIED IN -AS ONE THING- TO WHAT CREATION REALLY AND TRULY HAPPENS TO BE. And this is simply the full truth of life here, whether the populations understand this reality or not,... it is simply how it is. What we think of as creation is merely an extension of the Life-Force that is: CREATOR. If you live in one area of this planet, your model of what Creator/creation is,... that is going to be one way. If you live in another part of the world, it will be another way of viewing it. But these are only models,... the truth is in the Life-Force itself!


    Here is a mind bending truth for you. There are people on this planet that call themselves (this or that), but they are actually true seekers. They may hate the Bible and have a very twisted sense of what religion is - and even hate the name of what The Christ is. But, they are TRUE SEEKERS. And this same truth applies, even if we look at it from the other way around as well. You have people on this planet tied so deeply into religion that genuinely hate anything that is not their brand. And they despise anything that is (this or that group) not of their Christian (or other) brand. But,... they are also true seekers. You also have scientists and physicists and physicians and astronomers and archeologists etc. of all types and flavors, that are completely appalled by anything to do with religion or spirituality - that are also true seekers. But how is this true? How can true seekers that want nothing to do with religious or spiritual ideas actually be true seekers? We should look at this carefully, because we all know this is actual truth here we are observing.


    Creation itself is not some religion, or ideology. It is not some set of doctrines or scriptures. It is not some set of ideas. It is not some narrow views that say it can only be like this or like that. All things on this planet are actually couched in it. Even those crazy religious nuts that blow themselves up these days. Those nuts are crazy because of brainwashing and ideology going generations back in time. Ideology calling itself truth was used on them to create another paradigm for the areas they come from. Just the same exact way that the term and reality of what righteousness really and truly is was hijacked from this planet. It happened systematically and with great planning. Really good and incredibly sound doctrines and views does nothing more than attempt to explain life-force to humans. All the rest of it is just ideologies. Who ever is in power is the one running that particular ideology. That is why the truth is so very important to experience. That is also why the real truth -talking genuine article now- is so powerful, and why it was hijacked. BECAUSE IT DOES NOT LOOK AT IDEAS, BUT FORMS IDEAS LOOKING AT ACTUAL LIFE-FORCE,... with all of its ebbs and flows.


    The eco system is just as much a part of Planetary System reality (the actual system of righteounesss) as the solar system is. And higher mathematics and mathematical physics is just as much a part of Planetary System reality as the highest and truest spiritual and religious doctrines ever written are. Ideology will NOT ALLOW its followers to ever see this. But it is true, none-the-less. Ideology is part of the "world system" ways of doing life on this planet, and so it is in opposition of Planetary System thinking, and Planetary System reality. The Rulers of world system paradigms realized that there is super powers inside the fields of real reality, and so they made sure it was never available to populations from a very long long time ago. That is how ideologies and false beliefs began in the first place. They were substitutions for the understanding of how this whole planet really works. Substitutions for the high understanding of what goes on within all the many systems that are part of the one overall system that this planet is tied into - and functions through. (creation)


    I have just been "inspired" to begin to get you to see a brand new model for these 21st century times we live in now. And I mean that from the most truest and classical sense of the word "inspired",... it is a very spiritual idea word, and a very energy and consciousness idea word. When this model finally takes hold and people finally see this for what it really is,... all of our prayers will begin to be answered. Think of every single problem now on this planet,... and now stack all of those that you have the ability to see at this point up against planetary system thinking. Planetary System thinking solves every single one of them in no time at all. Of course though,... THE RULERS ARE NOT GOING TO LIKE ME MUCH FOR FOLLOWING THIS MANDATE - (THAT YOU ARE SEEING ME LAY OUT HERE FOR YOU.) So,... please do keep me in your prayers and good wishes,... because this is for the whole planet within this solar system. That includes you, by the way.

We are About to Manifest our true nature: GOD INSIDE OF US!

The time is here and now. No more waiting for some one else to do this for us. We are designed to tap into Creation - so that we will do this in conjuction with the PLANETARY SYSTEM reality. viva El Creator!!!

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"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity"
- Charles Mingus